Very informative. Illuminating info – especially on the law.

Melissa, Teacher, Oxfordshire

AEA provided a detailed, informative, insightful, thorough and well referenced report… balanced recommendations in a non-judgemental and helpful way and steered us into a more informed position.

HR Executive

Thankyou. It is vital that accurate info about the equalities act is made available.

Nita, Choreographer, Kettering

Thanks for the very informative and comprehensive session on equality law today. Lot’s to think about in terms of how we balance everyone’s needs.

Major National Food Retailer

A very informative day. I learned a great deal about the history and legal aspects around safeguarding in health and education.

Paula, Psychologist, Midlands

Constructive information to take back to colleagues.

Lucy, HR, Birmingham


AEA's Training for Organisations

AEA’s training will ensure that you correctly understand the single-sex exception and protected characteristics, as defined in the 2010 Equality Act, and other relevant laws. Our training also includes relevant case law in relation to ‘gender critical’ belief, ‘gender theory’ belief and ‘expression of belief’, in both service provision and employment. AEA’s training will enable you to mitigate risk and protect your organisation.

3hr workshop with Q&A, for up to a maximum of twenty attendees. 

  • Interplay between ‘Protected Characteristics’
  • Equality Act 2010 and Gender Recognition Act 2004
  • Interaction between those two Acts
  • Human Rights Act 1998, relevant Articles
  • Workplace (Health, Safety) Regulations 1992

Attendees will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of relevant legislation and relevant case law
  • Understand the parameters of the ‘Single-Sex Exception’
  • Understand the impact of ‘gender critical belief’ on your operations
  • Acquire an analytic method to fairly balance competing rights
  • Be better equipped to mitigate discord

AEA Online Training

As a result of Covid, our training is currently only provided online.

If the above workshop would not meet your specific needs, please contact us.
We will happily devise a bespoke package to meet your requirements .


Discounts available for community groups and not-for-profit organisations.



Attendee Comments

This was a very useful event. Excellent trainers – knowledgeable, well-researched and great at imparting information. Thankyou.

Sara, Social Worker, London

Shared learning and experience was uplifting and inspiring!

Jess, HR, Cambridge

Enjoyable and empowering!

Claire, IT Manager, West Midlands

Fascinating to learn about safeguarding policies and practises in schools.

Emma, Psychologist, Midlands

Really useful and informative day, packed itinerary. Very educational.

Rachel, Charity worker, Shropshire

I learned so much about how the NHS treats data on sex and gender

Rebecca, Solicitor, Liverpool

Very useful, especially in regard to legalities.

Mike, Researcher, London

Excellent training session. Informative presenters who were able to show timeline and issues within their areas.

Bev, Accounts Assistant, Cambridgeshire

Very helpful to understand case law behind legislation, so that equality laws can be effectively implemented in schools and sexism challenged.

Tanya, Chair of Governors, Cambridgeshire