AEA Equality Legislation Online Training

ALL of the protected characteristics defined in the 2010 Equality Act (EA2010) are safeguarded from discrimination and harassment. AEA training is inclusive and open to all.

AEA Online Training is focused around:

(i) the complex interplay between EA2010 protected characteristics’ and the ‘single-sex exception’

(ii) elements of the 2004 Gender Recognition Act (GRA)

(iii) the interaction between EA2010 and the GRA.

Attendees will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of current legislation
  • Understand the parameters of the ‘Single-Sex Exception’
  • Acquire an analytic tool to fairly balance conflicting rights
  • Be better equipped to mitigate discord

Training around the single-sex exception has largely been delivered by trans-focused training organisations with a natural emphasis on the ‘trans perspective’. For balance, AEA’s training incorporates the ‘women’s perspective’.

Elements of the GRA
Elements of the EA2010
Interaction between these two Acts
Q & A

Applying/Not Applying the Single-Sex Exception
Q & A

AEA inhouse training for organisations or same-sector organisations.
Currently suspended due to Covid 19

1 hr Lecture, plus Q&A – Suitable for larger groups
3hr Training workshop, max 20 – More in-depth, greater individual participation

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AEA-hosted Training Workshops in various locations
Currently suspended due to Covid 19

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These workshops are for a maximum of 12 persons in order to maximise individual participation.

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Attendee comments

‘Very informative. Illuminating info – especially on the law.’


Teacher, Oxfordshire

’A very informative day. I learned a great deal about the history and legal aspects around safeguarding in health and education.’


Psychologist, Midlands

‘Group work with case scenarios especially useful’.


IT, London

‘Training was excellent. Presenters knowledgeable, engaging and interacted well with participants’.


Teacher, Birmingham