Consultancy 7

“Overall, a brilliant experience from someone who knows the subject, professional, good humoured and a pleasure to work with.”

Consultancy 6

“AEA left no stone unturned and tackled the difficult issues head-on. The expert knowledge of the Equality Act 2010 was clear and helped to dispel many myths that currently exist, while explaining what exemptions apply and how these should be used. AEA provided balanced recommendations in a non-judgemental and helpful way and steered us into … Read more

Consultancy 5

“AEA provided a detailed, informative, insightful, thorough and well referenced report.”

Consultancy 4

“It was a pleasure to work with Ann Sinnott/AEA and obtain some much-needed advice on an issue that has become both sensitive and complex in recent years. Ann took the time to get to know the business and the issues that affected us, she was thoughtful and asked insightful questions throughout our work together to … Read more

Consultancy 3

“Constructive information to take back to colleagues.”

Consultancy 2

“Thanks for the very informative and comprehensive session on equality law today. Lots to think about in terms of how we balance everyone’s needs.”

Consultancy 1

“Very informative. Illuminating info – especially on the law.”