News Flash (June 2021)

17 February 2020. AEA complained to the Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC) about unlawful statements in its guidance on the 2010 Equality Act. After prolonged correspondence, EHRC corrected its guidance in July and Aug 2020.

6 May 2021. AEA’s High Court Hearing. Permission for a Judicial Review of EHRC not granted. However, in order to defend itself, EHRC was forced to publicly make significant clarifications and concessions, stating that:

  • People with a Gender Recognition Certificate can be lawfully excluded from single-sex services
  • A policy which states that trans persons must be allowed access to the single-sex services of their choice is directly inconsistent with the law
  • EHRC has informed some organisations that their policies are unlawful and will do the same with other organisations that come to its attention
  • EHRC isn’t responsible for service-providers’ unlawful policies and that complainants should take legal action against service providers