Constructive information to take back to colleagues.

Lucy, HR, Birmingham

AEA provided a detailed, informative, insightful, thorough and well referenced report… balanced recommendations in a non-judgemental and helpful way and steered us into a more informed position.

HR Executive

Very informative. Illuminating info – especially on the law.

Melissa, Teacher, Oxfordshire

Thankyou. It is vital that accurate info about the equalities act is made available.

Nita, Choreographer, Kettering

Thanks for the very informative and comprehensive session on equality law today. Lot’s to think about in terms of how we balance everyone’s needs.

Major National Food Retailer

A very informative day. I learned a great deal about the history and legal aspects around safeguarding in health and education.

Paula, Psychologist, Midlands


Ann Sinnott

Ann Sinnott

Founder and Director of Authentic Equity Alliance

Ann served as a Cambridge City Councillor for more than four years. She was a member of several committees, including Chair of Community Services and Vice Chair of Strategy & Resources. Ann was also Lead Councillor on Domestic Abuse and Sexual violence and instigated the council’s adoption of tackling domestic violence/abuse as a strategic priority. Ann founded the ‘Cambridge Community Forum on Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence’. She also founded the ‘Mawson Road Mosque Neighbourhood Forum’.

Ann was re-elected in May 2018 for a further four-year term. Five weeks later, she learned that Cambridge City Council’s equality policy breached the 2010 Equality Act. Having verified the allegation, Ann repeatedly called on the council to rescind its policy and rewrite to bring the policy into compliance with the Law. The council refused and Ann resigned her council seat. Following Ann’s official complaint to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Cambridge City Council subsequently amended its equality policy to make it compliant with the Equality Act.

In November 2020, Ann was honoured to be one of six women shortlisted for the 2020 Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize.


Ann previously worked in a variety of fields:

  • Journalism. Ann was a health columnist and wrote features and reviews for local and national newspapers. She later combined freelance journalism with motherhood.
  • Management and administration. Ann was operations manager and senior administrator for University of Cambridge departments and divisions, including Immunology, Neurosurgery and the Gender Equality Network.
  • Event management. Ann has initiated and project-managed numerous festivals, conferences, talks and other events.
  • Public Speaking & Media. Ann has presented at conferences and other events and featured in TV and Radio programmes.
  • Ann is a published author and editor.

I’ve been involved in many interesting and worthwhile activities in the course of my life. Founding a company to promote the interests of women and girls is the culmination of a lifelong awareness of the unfairness and disadvantage routinely experienced by women and girls.

Ann Sinnott